Drumheads provide Musical Health projects and interactive drumming sessions. 

Our services are focused on bringing people the therapeutic qualities that playing music can provide. We have experience working with all ages, covering a broad range of client groups, including areas such as physical impairment & disability, mental health and addiction.

Music is increasingly used in the worlds of mental and physical health. Being involved in playing and creating music has been extensively researched, revealing a host of positive outcomes.


“Everyone can respond to music - it affects our minds, bodies and feelings”.

“With so many benefits and such profound physical effects, it’s no surprise that so many are seeing music as an important tool to help body and mind stay (or become) healthy”


"Drumming is immediate, accessible, and can be enjoyed with a bare minimum of instruction. It leads to a real sense of belonging that everyone in the group can feel"


Group drumming can help to:

• Improve physical health and ability
• Address emotional and behavioural difficulties
• Develop communication and social skills
• Increase creativity, self-esteem and confidence
• Improve cognitive functioning and motor skills
• Aid emotional and affective development
• Reduce stress
• Provide a sense of independence and individuality
• Serve as a creative outlet to release or control emotions
• Find ways of coping with difficult situations



(name)’s behavior at home stabilized over the three days and I felt stronger as a parent day by day. Great to reconnect and build on partnerships with other parents, friendship, info sharing and (feeling of) belonging somewhere…..”
Quote from parent-The Bridge for Social Communication Summer Course


We are located at:

Worthing, West Sussex

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