Sean Quinn founded Drumheads in 2006. 


Sean studied percussion in India, West Africa, Brasil and the UK.


Having played in bands and drum groups for some time he embarked on a journey that has led to running corporate events, community projects, private performances and educational workshops and courses.


Sean was interested in music from an early age, but found the musical experiences available at school were quite limited. As an adult he found that the work place and social environment were similarly lacking in creative experiences. This spurred him on to develop events, workshops and performances for schools, businesses and the community at large.


Sean is a passionate believer in the benefits of learning and enjoyment through creative play for all age groups. Drums and percussion have proved a great medium to explore and enhance key skills, to help with focus, concentration, coordination, perseverence, listening, team work and a whole lot more. The fact that drums are so accesible and easy to approach for a beginner means people of all ages can get excited and achieve instant results playing music in a group context.  


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